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Entry #18

Life with P-bot

2011-03-11 21:06:35 by Koolguykai

Well here it is. it toke me one month to finish a 5 days work. Well, if you want to watch it (i'm begging) please do lol.
. I am in the Pikmin collab with Eastbeast right now, my first parody collab. And I am glad to be over with this essay thing. I got a 99 I'm pretty sure *sweet* so i won't have to worry about that. So yeah, I just felt i had to update. Oh and also, I apoligize for This monstrosity I was just a bit bored. So check out my flash. Heres a pic

Life with P-bot


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2011-12-27 11:33:41

Hey Dude!!